Human Resources

Chief People Officers are a big part of every cybersecurity situation. Any time employee morale takes a hit, who’s really looking out for all those people who are suddenly inclinded to update their LinkedIn profile with *undisclosed* as their current employer?

What’s the new need from chief people officers?


When a breach happens, some will see it as a call to action, while others may see it as a hit on their own brand/reputation. Whatever the case, positive steps must be taken to ensure that everyone in IT is as optimistic as they can and should be.

Human resources will now be working much, much more with IT executives to understand the real cost to the business, hopefully putting things in motion that avoid a cybersecurity crisis in the first place.


Great harm can be done by a single leak of information, especially when it comes as a total surprise. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are one measure, but so, too, is just building great rapport and trust with all IT staff.

Chief people officers are best positioned to ensure that legal compliance is not the only safeguard from ill-advised messaging going public.

Marketing / PR

As a breach unfolds, marketing and public relations may say that nothing can be said except from the press spokesperson.

No kidding, we have actually seen very well respected security professionals who are told to stand down from even engaging with their peers at security conferences. Care to guess whose ego is reigning supreme?

It is, therefore, necessary to make that distinction before a breach occurs. And of course, HR needs to understand and estimate the impact on accelerated employee turnover.

Human Resources

Chief people officers need to deeply appreciate the emotional impact, especially to those in security. As personal brands are damaged and diminished, even if they did nothing wrong.

It is very rare to see anyone from HR attend a cybersecurity related conference or event. This is exactly why this organization was started, and why you all are specifically invited to attend.

There’s a clear call to action here: HR leaders must start to become much more aligned with the cybersecurity professionals.

Losing Confidence

“When you start losing confidence in an organization, all the parts that rely on data become questioned by the individual. Organizations going through a digital transformation lose.”

Ponemon Institute |


“The connection between HR professionals and security professionals needs to be the closest it’s ever been in history.”

Pete Metzger, Vice Chairman at  DHR

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Our Simplified Event Privacy Policy

What you will find with our events is that our sponsors are every bit as special and hand-picked as our attendees. This brings with it a level of professional trust and respect that is almost unheard of, as everyone understands that these are the relationships that can potentially have a truly great impact on your cybersecurity brand/reputation. And it's exactly why we have these sponsors in the room and at the table, rather than sequestered in a vendor hall.

Specifically, as it relates to you, our attendees:
  • You will be provided with a simplified e-booklet that clearly articulates the value that each sponsor could potentially bring to your organization. With this we include the direct contact information for each sponsor, so that you, or one of your staff, can quickly and directly get to the right resource the moment you are back in the office and ready to engage.
  • Sponsors are not given the personally identifiable information of any of the attendees. Rather, depending on their level of sponsorship, they are provided a list that merely has the company names and titles. The reason for this is simple: sponsors deserve to have a high level view of who they may encounter and you, as a top executive, don't have the time to have a dozen or so follow-up calls. And really, your gatekeepers would likely block access anyway.

What we do encourage and actively promote all the way through is for you to get to know these incredible sponsors, who, in nearly every case, are not merely sending in their sales teams to take the lead, but rather their chief executives and/or their own hand-picked direct delegates. They know how special this group and opportunity is. And of course we want to see them, like you, coming back time and time again.

Finally, each participant is given a simplified card that contains your unique identifier, a list of the sponsors, and a checkbox for those you would like to get in contact with. This includes a space to name someone on your team who should be reached instead of you. We collect those at the end of the day, then do all the work to ensure that the right contact information goes where it should. And most importantly, that everyone is happy and connected in the best way possible.