CEO | Boardroom

CEOs and board members need their entire executive team to be on the same page. While each has their own area of expertise, it’s their combined ability to fully understand and appreciate what the other(s) bring to the table that will make all the difference when a real cybersecurity incident emerges.

What’s the new need from the CEO and boardroom?


Enough geek speak. Everyone knows the common terminology by now and appreciates what it means to be a cybersecurity victim. The path forward for IT executives is to understand how the brand and reputation is impacted. What’s the sentiment score, before, during, and after a breach? What is that score specifically for the cybersecurity program?


Marking everything “attorney/client privilege” immediately following a breach and telling everyone across the board to just keep quiet has a great potential to do some long-term harm. After all, it’s pretty hard to play offense when the entire team is on defense. Without the right planning and team collaboration, expect Legal to circle the wagons and public relations to push out some really defensive press releases. Expect a dumpster fire to be made of the entire brand as well.

Marketing / PR

Press releases, crisis communications, and press spokespersons were once the standard, but no more. The rules have changed. Now, the real impact play is to build up the brand equity of your cybersecurity program and team before a breach. Because the new benchmark that CEOs, boards, and all stakeholders want and need to see is cyber brand preparation, not clean up.

Human Resources

A big data breach is a great way to drive the best and brightest out of a company. Sales people have a harder time making their achievement numbers, those in IT may suddenly want to mark their employer as “undisclosed” on LinkedIn, and across the board, workplace pride is diminished. As with marketing, HR needs to sit down with IT to uncover just how much value is to be placed on the brand/reputation of the individuals.

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Our Simplified Event Privacy Policy

What you will find with our events is that our sponsors are every bit as special and hand-picked as our attendees. This brings with it a level of professional trust and respect that is almost unheard of, as everyone understands that these are the relationships that can potentially have a truly great impact on your cybersecurity brand/reputation. And it's exactly why we have these sponsors in the room and at the table, rather than sequestered in a vendor hall.

Specifically, as it relates to you, our attendees:
  • You will be provided with a simplified e-booklet that clearly articulates the value that each sponsor could potentially bring to your organization. With this we include the direct contact information for each sponsor, so that you, or one of your staff, can quickly and directly get to the right resource the moment you are back in the office and ready to engage.
  • Sponsors are not given the personally identifiable information of any of the attendees. Rather, depending on their level of sponsorship, they are provided a list that merely has the company names and titles. The reason for this is simple: sponsors deserve to have a high level view of who they may encounter and you, as a top executive, don't have the time to have a dozen or so follow-up calls. And really, your gatekeepers would likely block access anyway.

What we do encourage and actively promote all the way through is for you to get to know these incredible sponsors, who, in nearly every case, are not merely sending in their sales teams to take the lead, but rather their chief executives and/or their own hand-picked direct delegates. They know how special this group and opportunity is. And of course we want to see them, like you, coming back time and time again.

Finally, each participant is given a simplified card that contains your unique identifier, a list of the sponsors, and a checkbox for those you would like to get in contact with. This includes a space to name someone on your team who should be reached instead of you. We collect those at the end of the day, then do all the work to ensure that the right contact information goes where it should. And most importantly, that everyone is happy and connected in the best way possible.