Richard H L Marshall, Esq.

Chairman of the Board | Cinturion

Renee Guttmann

CISO | Campbell's Soup

John D. Johnson, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder | Aligned Security

Tim Callahan

Global Chief Security Officer | Aflac

Nicole Keaton Hart

Chief Innovation & Cybersecurity Strategist | Public & Private Sector

Doug Meal

Partner | Ropes & Gray

Co-Leader, Privacy & Security Practice

Dr. Ginny Greiman, Esq.

Senior Advisor and Chair of the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science (CSCSS) Cyberlaw and International Policy Centre


Kate Keuhn

CEO, USA | Senseon


Malcolm Harkins

Chief Security & Trust Officer | Cylance



We seek out, then get, the very top executive business leaders that money just can’t buy. These are the ones who are leading the cybersecurity discussions and are making a difference.

And here are just some of the many top organizations that these exceptional individuals have helped lead:

Professor Greiman is a Senior Advisor and Chair of the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science (CSCSS) Cyberlaw and International Policy Centre where she advises on national cyber security strategies and global cyber law and regulation.

Professor Greiman is an internationally recognized scholar and expert in the fields of National Cyber Security and Cyber Law and Regulation. She holds academic appointments at Boston University, Harvard University Law School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Her teaching and research focuses on cyber law and international law, national security strategies, cyber warfare and surveillance, global cybercrime and enforcement, privacy law and big data, and corporate competitiveness. She has published extensively on legal frameworks for national security, cyber security and governance and has served as an advisor to numerous international and national organizations including the U.S. Department of State, The United States Air Force Institute of Technology Center for Cyberspace Research, the United States Agency for International Development, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the World Bank, and the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

She also participates in numerous academic conferences including NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE), CyCon, International Conference on Cyber Conflict, the European Conference on Cyberwarfare and Security (ECCWS), the International Conference on Cloud Computing Security and Management (ICCSM), The International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ICCWS), and the International Management Development Association Annual World Business Congress. Professor Greiman serves on the Boards of the International Consortium on Law and Development and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Citizens Academy. She has held several high level appointments with the U.S. Government as a diplomatic official to the U.S. Department of State in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa and as United Trustee to the U.S. Department of Justice responsible for oversight of some of the Nation’s largest corporate restructurings, including the Bank of New England, and Public Service Co. of New Hampshire (Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant).

Professor Greiman has held executive and advisory positions with several of the world’s largest megaprojects in the United States, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia including Boston’s $15 billion dollar Big Dig Project, London’s Crossrail Project, India’s Megaproject Initiatives and Smart Cities Program, Taiwan and Southeast Asia National Science Parks, the U.S. Nuclear Power Industry and Development in the South China Sea. She published the first definitive book on Megaprojects entitled Megaproject Management: Lessons on Risk and Project Management from the Big Dig and has scholarly publications in the area of integrated systems engineering and program management, cybercrime and law enforcement paradigms, international cyber law and governance, international law and development, national security and cyber security frameworks, public private partnerships in cyberspace, cyber trafficking, and international standards and norms for Internet governance, privacy and information sharing.

Chief Information Security/IT Executive with years of experience leading risk management programs that deliver business results. I have established world class information security and privacy programs for Fortune 50 companies. As a seasoned practitioner and early adopter, I have saved companies millions of dollars in product acquisition/deployment costs and risk avoidance.

I started my career when computer security was in its infancy. As the industry and risks evolved, I was an early adopter of new technologies and security best practices for secure coding, third party/supply chain due diligence and governance. Most recently, I was responsible for building the Digital Transformation information and cloud security architecture. I am currently consulting to several innovative companies with solutions to address GDPR compliance and SOC automation.

Recent speaking topics include the intersection of cyber and physical security. I have been working with global leaders to raise awareness within the Maritime Industry including shipping, oil gas, port facilities and cruise lines.

I am passionate about the need to align executives and technical stakeholders. I serve both individuals and corporations by coaching, teaching and connecting interested parties

Richard as Chairman of the Board of Cinturion, brings 20 plus years of broad executive leadership experience in the private and public sectors as CEO of an international consulting firm. He serves as the Executive Director of the Center for Understanding Change, a non-profit research center focused on understanding the impact of global changes and risk to critical infrastructure by leveraging the massive intellectual and financial investment in deep data models and advanced decision-making theory by integrating them into an integrated analytical tool.

As the CEO of X-SES Consultants LLC, he promotes comprehensive and sustainable corporate Information Technology governance programs that create effective software assurance, supply chain risk management, standards compliance, and procurement strategies.

Previously the CEO of Secure Exchange Technology Innovations, he focused on implementing international communications standards for emergency management alerting systems.

His broad experience in formulating information and cyber security strategies for the Department of Defense, drafting cyber legislation, and influencing national cyber policy initiatives for 20 plus years lends credence to being a nationally and internationally recognized thought leader on cyber security and information related policy, legal, and technical issues.

He was the legal and strategic architect of the Nation’s first Live Information Warfare Exercise (ER97) and a Contributor to the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative.

He has served as a keynote speaker on cyber security related executive leadership issues at major conferences in Germany, England, India, Moldova, China, Thailand, Switzerland and the United States.

He is a frequent Cyber commentator on CNN, BBC, Politico; FedScoop; New York Times & Scientific America. He currently serves as a Strategic Advisor to the following corporations: Pattern Computer; Hatha Systems; GidGrid; Secure Cloud Systems; SignaCert; Consulsys; Auroras; INVNT/IP; and the National Maritime Law Institute.

He previously served as Special Advisor to the government of Moldova on implementing their E- Gov. program and developing their national cyber security policy; Director of Global Cyber Security Management at the Department of Homeland Security; Legislative Affairs Officer at the National Security Agency, Deputy Director, Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office, Department of Commerce; and Associate General Counsel, Information Assurance, National Security Agency.

A graduate of The Citadel, Richard has an LL.M in International and Comparative Law from the Georgetown University School of Law; has represented the United States before Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice in London and is licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Seasoned trial lawyer Doug Meal co-leads the firm’s privacy and cybersecurity practice and specializes in defending clients targeted by litigation and government investigations stemming from major privacy and cybersecurity incidents. As the lead outside lawyer handling claims stemming from the data security breaches suffered by Target, Neiman Marcus, The Home Depot, Arby’s, Supervalu, Sally Beauty, Sony, Heartland Payment Systems, TJ Maxx, Hannaford Brothers, Aldo, Genesco, and Wyndham Hotels—some of the most highly publicized data security breaches in recent years—Doug has become the national leader in defending companies that suffer significant cybersecurity breaches involving consumer information against the ensuing claims and regulatory investigations.

Aldo Group: Lead counsel in Aldo’s ongoing defense of card brand and card issuer claims resulting from an alleged data security breach that the retailer discovered in early 2010.

Arby’s Restaurant Group: Lead counsel in defending Arby’s against all third-party claims arising from a payment card incident announced in February 2017.

Destination Hotels and Resorts: Lead counsel in DH&R’s defense of the card brand claims stemming from the data security breaches suffered in 2010 by certain hotels managed by DH&R.

Fortune 100 Insurance Company: National coordinating counsel with respect to the litigations and regulatory inquiries arising from the criminal cyber-attack on a certain portion of a Fortune 100 insurance company’s computer network.

Genesco: Advising Genesco on how to address its various legal obligations and exposures resulting from a substantial data security breach that Genesco discovered in late 2010.

Hannaford Brothers: Lead counsel in Hannaford’s defense of the card brand claims stemming from the data security breach announced by Hannaford in 2008.

Heartland Payment Systems: Lead counsel in Heartland’s ongoing defense of the card brand claims, the card issuer class action, and the FTC investigation stemming from the data security breach announced by Heartland in 2009. The card brand claims were favorably settled, and the court dismissed all the card issuer claims.

Hilton Worldwide: Lead counsel regarding potential card brand claims stemming from two separate data security incidents that affected certain Hilton-branded hotels around the world in 2014 and 2015, and also in litigation against Hilton’s former payment card processor in connection with a commercial dispute relating to the data security incidents.

The Home Depot: Advising and representing Home Depot in responding to card brand inquiries stemming from the data security breach that Home Depot announced in September 2014.

LabMD: Representing in its petition to the U.S. Court of Appeals for review of the first ever FTC decision holding a company liable for allegedly having unreasonable cybersecurity practices in violation of Section 5 of the FTC Act.

Neiman Marcus: Advising and representing Neiman Marcus in responding to card brand inquiries stemming from the data security breach that Neiman Marcus announced in January 2014.
Sally Beauty Products: Advising and representing Sally Beauty in responding to card brand inquiries stemming from the data security breach that Sally Beauty announced in March 2014

Sony: Global coordinating counsel with respect to the multiple litigations and investigations that have arisen from the criminal cyber-attacks on certain of the Sony’s computer networks.

Supervalu Inc.: Lead outside counsel for Supervalu in defending and responding to all litigation claims, and regulatory inquiries stemming from the data security breach that Supervalu announced in August 2014.

Target: Lead outside counsel advising and representing Target Corp. in responding to card brand inquiries and defending card issuer litigation stemming from the data security breach that Target announced in December 2013.

The TJX Companies: Lead counsel in TJX’s defense of the card brand claims and the card issuer class action stemming from the data security breach announced by TJX in 2007. The card brand claims were favorably settled, and the trial court dismissed almost all the class action claims and thereafter denied class certification of the few non-dismissed claims. The ensuing First Circuit appeal resulted in a substantial affirmance of the trial court’s decision by means of a groundbreaking opinion in the area of data security breach law.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts: Lead counsel in Wyndham’s ongoing defense of the card brand claims stemming from the data security breaches suffered by certain of the Wyndham-branded hotels in 2008–2010; co-lead counsel in Wyndham’s defense of FTC enforcement action stemming from these intrusions.

Kate Keuhn | CEO, USA, SENSEON

Kate Kuehn has been an active thought leader in Security & Advanced Network Technologies for close to 20 years. She led some of the industry’s first projects in Ethernet as a network (CPA) and IAAS. Since joining BT, Kate has been focusing on developing complex solutions for key clients in the Americas & took over as Head of the Security Practice in April of 2015. She is passionate about developing Women in Technology. Kate’s main areas of focus include understanding the role of the modern CISO, the correlation between security and traditional IT initiatives and STEM outreach.