January 22, 2019
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Atlanta Tech Village

3423 Piedmont Road, NE

Atlanta, GA  30305

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The First Annual Atlanta Symposium on Cyber Culture and Team Building


Cybersecurity Leadership 2.0 | You are the Tip of the Spear





Organizations often treat potential breaches as a technical problem, not a cultural, broad-ranging business one that can affect almost every aspect of a business.  From downtime, loss/theft of data, revenue and stock price, the boardroom is now wide awake, expecting all executives to be fully prepared, digital leaders

This is about culture, team-building and eliminating the silos – preparing executives for what is already viewed as an inevitable event, for what can be a surprising inevitable outcome.

Time well spent, achieving:

  • Communication that truly connects, both internally and externally
  • Collaborating at the executive level
  • Building mutually beneficial peer relationships outside of your organization, even with your competitors
  • Learning from the past mistakes/failures of others

A true first for Atlanta’s business executive leadership (Legal, HR, IT, PR/Marketing, Board Members), the Cyber Education Foundation is hosting a full-day workshop on what it takes to be prepared for a cybersecurity-related crisis and/or increasing regulatory oversight.  Here, you will be generously coached by top business, government, and legal minds as they share deep insights into successes, failures, and what it will mean to you and your organization in the coming years.

The Chatham House Rule

When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

This is event is sold at a company level (not individual), providing access to 4 senior executives, preferably one from each of the four key focus areas: IT, Legal, HR, Marketing/PR.

Registration begins November 1st.



  • 08:30: Hot Breakfast / Registration / Networking
  • 09:30: The State of the Regulatory StateMurky Laws, Expectations, and Standards
    What is your team supposed to do to be within the law?  This session will review the many domestic and international regulators who have jurisdiction over you whether you know it or not. You will hear about the LabMD case, conflicting standards and tactics, and how you’re supposed to satisfy so many masters.
  • 10:30: Network / Coffee & Tea Break
  • 10:45: Don’t Repeat HistoryThe Top Legal Mistakes Made by Breached Organizations
    What, exactly, does it take to avoid being the executive who thinks “If I only had it to do over again?”  Hint: the best defense is always a great offense.
  • 11:50: Lunch & Networking



  • 13:00: Speaking Each Other’s Language (Panel): Learning to Bring Boards, Executives, IT, and Legal Together to Move in a Positive Direction
    Organizational departments communicate in the language with which they are most comfortable, be that technical risk in bits and bytes, business value or legal terms.  But rarely do they communicate effectively with each other.  How can this best be addressed?
  • 14:00: Networking / Coffee & Tea Break
  • 14:15: Breach Incident Response Live Workshop: Experiencing What You Don’t Know That You Must Know
     Groups from diverse departments and organizations will tackle a breach so they’ll know what’s coming when it happens to your organization. Nobody is perfect without practice.
  • 15:30: Conclusion

Author of “The Devil Inside the Beltway”, the true story of how the FTC destroyed a leading healthcare company. Also the founder of this event.

Michael J. Daugherty

President & CEO, LabMD

The lead outside lawyer handling claims stemming from data security breaches suffered by Target, Neiman Marcus, The Home Depot, Arby’s, Sony, TJ Maxx, and many others.

Doug Meal

Partner, Ropes & Gray

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