Where will you ultimately be seated when there’s a data breach?


We take only the top business executives, bring them together as a team, then provide only the very best cybersecurity coaching to help you and your business succeed.

Building a community of support, thought leadership, and education for top business leaders

Cybersecurity for all Business Executives

The Cyber Crisis Prevention and Management Workshop is a true executive-level event, designed specifically to bring together top business leaders across multiple disciplines (legal, HR, IT, PR/marketing, CEO, and board members) so that all can collaborate and learn what it takes to be truly prepared for a potential cyber crisis.

While other conferences are segmented in their audience participation, this event is the one that brings multiple business executives together as they seek to be fully prepared for a major cybersecurity incident.

Where business executives come together to learn, collaborate, and build uniquely enduring relationships in preparation for cybersecurity incidents


The Cyber Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings together the top business executives who have the most incredible cybersecurity-related stories to tell.

Whether it’s a business that has had to shut down due to government regulation/sanctions, the lawyers who have or are defending them, or any of the public relations and marketing leaders who have experienced the dilemma of getting the right message out, their experience is now in need of a platform to share. And the Foundation is that platform.

We lead not where others have failed. We lead where we have failed, and now seek to show you what really lurks in the shadows so that you can win.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

Coach Spotlight

Doug Meal

The lead outside lawyer handling claims stemming from data security breaches suffered by Target, Neiman Marcus, The Home Depot, Arby’s, Sony, TJ Maxx, and many others. Most recently, the winning attorney in the LabMD case against the FTC (11th Circuit Court of Appeals).

Coach Spotlight

Michael J. Daugherty

Most recently known as the man who took on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over their policing of cybersecurity for business…and won.

Foundation Sponsors

These are our most distinctive sponsors who support the Cyber Education Foundation throughout the year.

Ropes & Gray

Doug Meal (Partner), provides ongoing intellectual guidance and support for the Cyber Education Foundation.

As the lead outside lawyer and firm handling claims stemming from data security breaches suffered by LabMD, Target, Neiman Marcus, The Home Depot, Arby’s, Sony, TJ Maxx, and many others, Ropes & Gray is uniquely positioned to remain the lead partner for all of our risk-based questions.

Today’s decision is important because it helps set a legal precedent about what constitutes consumer damages. It also rejects the notion that the FTC can unilaterally determine what represents reasonable security practices without publishing any guidelines or best practices for companies to follow.

Patrick Gaul

Executive Director, National Technology Security Coalition


Richard H L Marshall, Esq.

Chairman of the Board | Cinturion

Renee Guttmann

CISO | Campbell's Soup

John D. Johnson, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder | Aligned Security

Tim Callahan

Global Chief Security Officer | Aflac

Nicole Keaton Hart

Chief Innovation & Cybersecurity Strategist | Public & Private Sector

Doug Meal

Partner | Ropes & Gray

Co-Leader, Privacy & Security Practice

Dr. Ginny Greiman, Esq.

Senior Advisor and Chair of the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science (CSCSS) Cyberlaw and International Policy Centre


Kate Keuhn

CEO, USA | Senseon


Malcolm Harkins

Chief Security & Trust Officer | Cylance


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