Keeping your organization secure in the increasingly complex regulatory environment

What you will learn

Are you impacted by regulation only in your country or does the borderless internet put you under the microscope of many government bodies?

How do insurance agencies work with insureds in a world where regulators move the requirement goal posts on a daily basis, or worse, refuse to tell you what to do?

Who should attend?

This is a multi-disciplinary, cross-industry event. Any corporate leaders impacted by what is going on in cyber today are encouraged to attend. C-Suite, Board members, CIO, CISO, CTO, Finance, HR, legal department, or general counsel, please join. We want to hear differences and share experiences.

Global impact means global involvement…which can mean one big TO DO list.

What we will do

Everyone will learn from our speakers, panelists, each other and you. This is an interactive day of sharing, listening, and networking.
The day will pool the collective wisdom in the room so everyone leaves more knowledgeable then when they arrived.
Ropes and Gray will bring their experience as the world’s leading cyber regulatory firm assisting Sony, Target, LabMD, Home Depot…to name a few, in what really happens when the regulators knock on your door after an incident.

About CyberEvents.Org

CyberEvents.Org, founded by LabMD CEO Michael J. Daugherty, is committed to honest thought leadership and community interaction. In this ever changing world of technological innovation impacting every industry using the internet to conduct their business, many are burdened with learning how to fly a new plane while it’s already in the air. Achieving this while simultaneously running your organization is no easy task. We best achieve by learning and working together crossing borders and core competencies. Your participation is not only greatly appreciated, it’s necessary.

This will be Michael J Daugherty’s first speech in London discussing the real world tactics of a US regulator. Rare is the regulatory case that doesn’t settle early. Even more rare is the battle between the FTC and LabMD that seems destined for the Supreme Court. If the FTC wins, their interpretation that data that is “exposed” or “vulnerable” doesn’t require a breach or victim to be in violation of the FTC act will be left to the world to grapple with. Best you learn from LabMD’s experience to better prepare for your own. Attendees will also receive an autographed copy of Mr. Daugherty’s book, “The Devil Inside the Beltway”.

Speakers and Panelists

Meet our most valued speakers and panelists

Bharat Mistry

Bharat is Principal Security Strategist at Trend Micro and is responsible for advising Trend Micro’s largest UK customers on security transformation.

    Andrew Beckett

    Andrew Beckett is a Managing Director in Kroll’s Investigations and Disputes practice, and heads the EMEA Cyber practice.

      Mark Camillo

      Mark Camillo is Head of Cyber, EMEA and is responsible for the CyberEdge® suite of end-to-end risk management solutions at AIG.

        Shona Harper

        Chief Privacy Officer for Europe and Asia-Pacific, TD Bank Group

        Shona is responsible for data protection compliance across TD Bank’s various operations in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

          Michael J Daugherty

          Michael J Daugherty is Founder, President & CEO of LabMD, a cancer detection laboratory based in Atlanta, Georgia

            Rohan Massey

            Rohan Massey leads the firm’s privacy and data security practice in Europe and focuses his practice on data protection, data security, brand protection, e-commerce, and IT.

            Dr. John Johnson

            Founder/CEO of Aligned Security

            Dr. John Johnson has over 20 years of experience as an information security executive and thought leader. He is Founder/CEO of Aligned Security where he advises on industry trends and provides vCISO services.

              Seth C. Harrington

              Seth, a partner in Ropes & Gray’s privacy & data security practice, has counseled clients through the array of legal issues arising from a data breach, including some of the largest U.S. companies.


                08:15 AM

                Event registration

                Registration, coffee , networking

                09:00 AM


                Cyberattacks: Why and How Every Company with UK/US and/or EU Operations Is Vulnerable to Attack from Cybercriminals and Cybersecurity Regulators

                09:55 AM


                Networking Break

                10:10 AM

                Keynote : Michael J Daugherty

                Cybercriminals, Politicians and Bureaucrats... What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
                The Story of LabMD

                11;00 AM


                Networking break

                11:15 AM


                Getting Ready For The Blame Game: Breaches That Could Easily Have Happened to You

                12:00 PM

                Lunch Table Discussion

                How can My Company And My Clients Protect Themselves Against the Threat They Face From Cybercriminals and Cybersecurity Regulators?

                01:15 PM

                Summary Debrief By Table

                The moderator of each working lunch will report out to the entire group on the working lunch's collective thoughts on proactive defensive actions companies should consider taking , today, in view of the pervasive cybercriminal and cyberregulatory threat environment.

                02:30 PM

                PIMS CUP Networking

                PIMS CUP Networking and Social Hour

                03:30 PM


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